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We will again accept Diwali Orders from

5th November

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Order your favorite Bengali Sweets and Snacks

We Accept Party Order


Minimum Order Amount : 20$

Rasgulla 15$/set [8 pieces]

Relish the mouth watering joy of Kolkata at the comfort of your home, during the very special occasion of Durga Puja. The rasgullas are made with 100% fresh milk and they are extra soft.

Sandesh 10$/set [6 pieces]

Get the taste of Kolkata with this exclusive sweet, made with fresh milk and sugar.

Rasmalai 15$/set [6 pieces]

This is one of the most favorite delicacies of bengalis. Get a feel of it with our home made recipe.

Balushai 12$/set [6 pieces]

Relish the softness of Balushai with our home made recipe

Coconut Laddu 10$/set [10 pieces]

Get our special home made coconut laddus (Narkel Nadu) right from moumitaskitchen, made from fresh coconut and Jaggery.

Gajar Ka Halwa 15$/250 grams

Freshly made using Carrot, milk and sugar. No preservatives. Freshly made at home.

Chomchom 15$/set [8 pieces]

Get our special home made traditional chomchoms right from moumitaskitchen, made from fresh milk and Sugar.

Boondi 10$/200 grams

Home made fresh and wet boondi dipped in sugar cyrup right from moumitaskitchen.

Golgappa (Fuchka) 10$/set [20 pieces]

Missing the essence of street food in Kolkata? Get the mouth watering taste of Golgappa (Fuchka) sitting at home. Order Now.

Vegetable Cutlet 12$/set [6 pieces]

Enjoy Vegetable Cutlet sitting at the comfort of yout home.

Aloo Chop 12$/set [6 pieces]

Remember the taste of Alu Chop in Singapore sitting at the comfort of your home.

Samosa 12$/set [6 pieces]

Tired of eating the frozen Samosa? Enjoy the original taste of home made Samosa. Order Now.

Total Amount     $